German Design Award Winner 2024

GERMAN DESIGN AWARD "winner" 2024 lighting

It is a great honor to be internationally recognized as a winner by the German Design Council, 'Rat für Formgebung', for over seven decades, the German Design Council has been recognized for its outstanding achievements and contributions in the fields of design and product development!


This award affirms our commitment to exceptional design and innovation, and is a tribute to our dedication to continuously improving and innovating in lighting technology. It validates the superior design and functionality of VALDUR, and celebrates our commitment to constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible in lighting.


Our lead inventor and designer, Anders Grau Sundström, has been instrumental in this three-year project that we began in 2021. His unique perspective on design and ability to transform visions into innovative solutions have been a driving force behind the success of VALDUR.


His work is a clear example of how true innovation can stem from passion and a pursuit of excellence. We are incredibly proud of this achievement and look forward to continuing our journey, alongside Anders, to revolutionize the lighting industry and create more innovative products.


German Design Award | Die Auszeichnung für exzellentes Design

Innovation in Lighting Technology!

VALDUR's patent-pending technology is a groundbreaking solution for heat dissipation within non-metallic luminaire housings. This technology enables effective heat dispersion, critical for maintaining the lifespan and functionality of LED components in composite-based luminaires Our close collaboration with Signify/Philips ensures access to high-quality components and expertise in LED technology. The combination of POLAB's innovative design and Philips' technical knowledge results in a luminaire that stands out for its high performance and energy efficiency.


This advanced heat dissipation technology is critical to ensuring the expected lifespan of LED diodes in our composite-based fixtures.


By effectively dissipating heat, the system keeps the diodes within their optimal temperature range, crucial for maintaining their performance and durability, especially in demanding environments.


LED Lens Optics from BJB Light Technology 

Beyond the standard lens chosen for VALDUR, we offer a wide variety of lenses from BJB, specially tailored for our Philips diode modules. This allows us to customize and adjust the lighting to specific requirements or preferences.

BJB optiCs

A selection of Composite Thermoset material with unique properties

VALDUR can be produced in various Thermoset materials and colors. We have composite materials with special mechanical properties that open up new possibilities for fixtures with higher fire resistance and heavy-duty variants that are more durable than ever.

"Swedish Innovation that Revolutionizes the World of Lighting"

VALDUR combines innovative materials and technology, representing the latest in lighting technology, making it a groundbreaking product. With the latest LED technology from Philips and Swedish design, it carries the quality stamp "Made in Sweden."


The integrated diodes provide the desired quality of light with the benefits of energy savings, long life, good color rendering index (CRI), and dimming capabilities​

The driver electronics, known for their reliability, ensure smooth and stable operation, essential for long-term use and minimized maintenance costs.


These components are the core of VALDUR, enabling a new era of energy-efficient, sustainable, and flexible lighting for a variety of environments.


Zhaga sockets are designed to facilitate future control options in lighting fixtures. With Zhaga, you can easily integrate different control systems, such as dimming, presence sensors, or daylight regulation, into your lighting fixtures. This allows for upgrading or changing lighting functions without replacing the entire fixture, providing a flexible and cost-effective solution to keep your lighting modern and adapted to new technologies and needs.

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street lighting

Since 2008, POLAB has been delivering street lighting solutions to customers in Sweden and Europe. Our fixtures, which illuminate everything from streets and parking lots to jogging tracks and facades, are available through a network of wholesalers. Our clients include businesses, municipalities, real estate companies, and the military. Our LED fixtures are distributed via Ahlsell and other leading electrical wholesalers in Sweden and Europe.


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While our primary focus is on street lighting fixtures, we also offer a wide range of LED fixtures for various applications. A clearance sale is ongoing for many of our older products, such as floodlights, facade lighting, bollards, underwater fixtures, RGB fixtures, and indoor ceiling lights.

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POLAB develops and manufactures high-quality lighting fixtures, focusing on reliability and durability. We partner with leading suppliers to ensure the high quality of our products. Our fixtures are distributed through an extensive network of wholesalers across Sweden and Europe, demonstrating our commitment to delivering premium lighting on an international market.

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