POLAB develops and manufactures high-quality LED lighting fixtures for streets, parking areas, and properties, among other applications.

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Key Aspects of Road Lighting

Road lighting is crucial for creating a safe and welcoming environment on our roads. Whether for highways, urban, or rural areas, proper lighting is necessary to improve visibility and reduce the risk of accidents.


For companies and organizations working with road lighting, several aspects are important when choosing suitable solutions for their clients. One of the most critical factors is energy efficiency. LED technology has revolutionized the lighting industry by offering long lifespan and low energy consumption. By choosing LED-based solutions, companies can reduce their clients' energy costs while enhancing the quality of lighting.


Our products are manufactured by well-established, specialized manufacturers with professional governance and management. They have reliable quality guarantee systems, at least equivalent to ISO 9000 standards.


To follow up on our quality requirements, we ensure that our suppliers have the resources (relevant testing equipment and measuring instruments) to check that product quality levels meet the standards set. Our products are tested by independent testing organizations and comply with CE norms for LVD, EMC, and the new radiation standard for LEDs. Our products also meet RoHS requirements.


Service, performance, quality, and reliability are keywords that every long-term thinking supplier must have. Products of good quality last longer, and both the investment and total energy consumption are lower. We also require our suppliers to have a good working environment that at least meets existing requirements.



We Have a Responsibility

Environmental Stewardship and Ethical Practices


At POLAB, we understand that our role extends beyond providing high-quality lighting solutions. We are committed to being responsible stewards of the environment and upholding ethical practices in all aspects of our business.


Sustainability in Action: We actively work towards reducing our environmental impact through sustainable manufacturing processes, recycling initiatives, and optimizing energy efficiency in our products. Our commitment to sustainability is not just a policy but a core value that guides our every decision.

Ethical Sourcing and Manufacturing: We ensure that our suppliers adhere to ethical labor practices and maintain safe working environments. Our supply chain is scrutinized to align with our standards for human rights, labor standards, and environmental protection.

Contributing to Communities: We believe in giving back to the communities where we operate. Through various initiatives and partnerships, we aim to contribute positively to societal development and enhance the quality of life in these communities.

Educating and Advocating: Part of our responsibility is to educate our clients and the public about the benefits of sustainable and energy-efficient lighting. We advocate for greener practices in the lighting industry and strive to lead by example.

In our pursuit of innovation and excellence in lighting, we remain firmly committed to these principles, ensuring that our growth and success also translate into a positive impact on the planet and its people.

POLAB works to accelerate the transition from an outdated and costly lighting environment to significantly more modern, environmentally friendly, and cost-effective lighting solutions, including street lighting and road lighting for major roads.


POLAB always focuses on:

- Service
- Quality
- Reliability


We are committed to environmental stewardship, prioritizing energy efficiency, minimal environmental impact, and sustainable material usage. POLAB leads in eco-friendly lighting solutions, marrying advanced technology with ecological responsibility.



Quality Policy

POLAB, Professional Lighting POL AB, will develop, market, and sell high-quality low-energy lighting for outdoor and indoor use for professional applications. POLAB will only provide products and services that have been approved as high quality according to international standards.


Carefully Selected Suppliers

To ensure the right quality level is always maintained, POLAB applies the following quality policy:
POLAB selects suppliers with great care. Only well-established and specialized manufacturers with professional management are approved as suppliers. Our suppliers must always have reliable quality assurance systems – at least equivalent to ISO 9000.


POLAB’s suppliers must have resources and testing equipment to measure and ensure that the quality levels of the products at least meet the requirements and standards specified in product specifications – or as otherwise agreed for specific deliveries.


Quality Testing of Road Lighting and Other Products

When it comes to road lighting and other products in our range that POLAB approves, all must be constructed and made with components from the industry's foremost suppliers in terms of performance, quality, and reliability.


POLAB will, by itself and/or through our local agent in China, visit our suppliers before all major deliveries to personally check that all manufacturing is done correctly and with the right quality.

Continuous spot checks of packaged goods will always be made before delivery.


All checks will be carried out in accordance with POLAB's written instructions and documented with quality protocols – signed by both the production manager and POLAB's local inspector.

Styrelse & VD

Öjvind Norberg

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Karl B Åberg
Styrelseledamot och Partner.

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